Mj12-25-9-2016-Knowledge is of 2 types

Knowledge is of 2 types – religious knowledge and worldly knowledge.But religious knowledge carries priority over worldly knowledge. The latter is subordinate to the former. But both are important. Religious knowledge tells you about commandments of deen whereas worldly knowledge tells you about the benefits of things around you.

Any person who negates worldly knowledge will be a sinner because it has worldly benefits associated with it. If people say – ‘we will not study science’, how will things progress? Study science and discover the greatness of Allah (ma’arifat) hidden within science. Since this is my subject, I always say-as much as you step in and ponder over in science, it will open your eyes towards the greatness of Allah (SWT) that will lead you eventually to the obedience of Allah (SWT) and stop you from his disobedience. Study science, but with the nur and the light of the heart. For that, first acquire deen and the knowledge of deen.