Mj7-25-9-2016- tazkiya-nafs

There are two types of groups mentioned in the Quran- the party of Allah (hizbullah) and the party of shaitan (hizb-us-shaitan). A momin is from the former whereas the rest (kafir/mushrik) are from the latter. Today the ummah is blindly following the ways of those people that have been cursed by Allah (SWT). Sunnats are being abandoned and no one is trying to prevent this. That’s why tazkiya-nafs (purification of the soul) is farz or rather fard-ayn.


Mj6-25-9-2016- punishment of Allah (SWT)

Today the punishment of Allah(SWT) is befalling on the ummah. There are problems in even the pious people of this time. Nobody stops from sins. If you don’t do so, you can’t become a complete momin. So it’s really very important to practice on the first aspect (to go in the company of the Ahlullah) and to save oneself from the other (sins). How will you join “kunu ma-as-sadiqeen”- go to the people of Allah (SWT) and sit in their company. This will develop nur in your heart. A pious companionship will make you pious whereas a bad company will spoil a person. That’s why “Fear Allah (SWT)”.

Mj4-25-9-2016- kunu ma-as-sadiqeen

It’s such a mercy and favor from Allah(SWT) that he didn’t say “kunu ma as sadiq” but he said “kunu ma as sadiqeen” because in the first case it would mean just one person whereas in the latter it means you will a lot of people who are the friends of Allah (SWT).

So in urdu there is a saying – ek anar so bimar– the metaphorical meaning is that – when something is in very high demand yet scarcely available.

So, if it was “kunu ma as sadiq”, it would become really difficult for everyone to find such a person. “kunu ma as sadiqeen”- a lot of people of Allah. What are there signs? They make a person go ahead in obedience of Allah (SWT) and to hate sins.

Mj3-25-9-2016-refrain from sins

So, the first part is excessive zikr and the second part of this is to refrain from sins. Unfortunately today we do a lot of zikr but we don’t refrain from sins. A person doing so can never become the wali  or the friend of Allah (SWT). It’s from the condition- take his name and refrain from sins. Every sin is a path to hell. That’s why remember these 2 words- muhlekat (destroyers) and munjeyat (saviors)The former is a path to hell-fire and the latter is the road to paradise. Good actions are part of munjeyat. Bad actions are part of muhlekat. Take heed and be fearful of this. That’s why Allah(SWT) says again repetitively in many places in the Quran “Fear Allah”. So, what’s this? (Allah(SWT) says) – you are my slave, you have a connection with me. There are only 2 groups in this world- one is “kunu ma-as-sadiqeen” and the other one “brothers of shaytan”. A momin is from the first group where as the others are from the latter. So, Allah wants us to be from the first group “kunu ma as sadiqeen”.

Mj2-25-9-2016- excessive zikr will lead to obedience

Today we look at kaifiyat (high spiritual feelings), this is really disgusting. Start doing zikr and they will come automatically. When you do zikr excessively, this will develop nur (spiritual light) in the heart that will lead you towards the obedience of Allah (SWT), which is the purpose of a momin or a true believer. How will you get the marifat or the awareness of the greatness of Allah (SWT)? Take his name excessively.

Mj1-25-9-2016 – Acceptability is only upon sunnah

Nahmadahu wa nusalli ala rasulhil kareem, Amma baad,

Progress in deen and dunya is dependent only upon amal not ahwal (different conditions experienced by the spiritual aspirant). A person can display many miracles but if it’s against shariah, it’s not acceptable to Allah (SWT). For it to be acceptable to Allah (SWT) it must be according to the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu alihi wa sallam), else it will be rejected.