Mj14-25-9-2016-Why is the ummah falling?

So you study science and related  disciplines but don’t forget Allah (SWT). Why is the ummah falling today? Because the cursed people (Ghairil Magdobi Alihim wala dawlleen) have given us a course of science telling us progress is here. So people frequently curse and slander the ulema. No doubt they have progress, but remember, that is the path to Jahannam (hell). Why? Because when you forget Allah (SWT), that will lead right away to Jahnnnam.


Mj13-25-9-2016-A mufti and a scientist both require each other

Today we hear derogatory statements about ulema (scholars) with statements like this “What mullapan is this?” We shouldn’t say about them like this. We are in need of them as well. No matter how high be the intellect and the level of a mufti, yet he will be dependent on the scientist, to issue a verdict. He can’t do it until he gets the complete information about any issue.  Likewise a scientist is dependent on a mufti. In prayer, if he forgets and needs to make sajdah-sahw(prostration of forgetfulness), he needs to ask a mufti. So both will ask each other for their needs and requirements accordingly.

Mj12-25-9-2016-Knowledge is of 2 types

Knowledge is of 2 types – religious knowledge and worldly knowledge.But religious knowledge carries priority over worldly knowledge. The latter is subordinate to the former. But both are important. Religious knowledge tells you about commandments of deen whereas worldly knowledge tells you about the benefits of things around you.

Any person who negates worldly knowledge will be a sinner because it has worldly benefits associated with it. If people say – ‘we will not study science’, how will things progress? Study science and discover the greatness of Allah (ma’arifat) hidden within science. Since this is my subject, I always say-as much as you step in and ponder over in science, it will open your eyes towards the greatness of Allah (SWT) that will lead you eventually to the obedience of Allah (SWT) and stop you from his disobedience. Study science, but with the nur and the light of the heart. For that, first acquire deen and the knowledge of deen.

Mj11-25-9-2016-knowledge and yaqeen

One is ilm (knowledge) and the other is amal (action). In principles of science – we have theory and practical. Theory is the knowledge and practical is the application of the knowledge. So, in this way- yaqeen (conviction) will be of 3 types

  1. Ilm-ul-yaqeen (theory- taught in class)
  2. Ayn-ul-yaqeen (practical -seen in laboratories)
  3. Haq-ul-yaqeen (the combination of both of the above)

I always say with certitude that if you want to be a friend of Allah, study science. It will make you a 100% friend and a recognizer of Allah (SWT). But the condition is that first understand and recognize the greatness of Allah (SWT).


Mj10-25-9-2016- 2 types of commandments

The prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alihi wa sallam)is basheer (giver of glad tidings) and nazeer (warner from the punishment of Allah) with both types of commandments. But the glad tidings are on good actions. This is the group of ‘kunu ma -as-sadiqeen’ or the hizbullah. So, go to them and you will benefit.

Mj9-25-9-2016- criteria for success

A person does mujahida but it’s against the shariah and tariqat, he will not be successful. He will be counted from the brothers of shayateen. The condition is that one must be a lover of the sunnah’s of the prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu alihi wa sallam). If you practice on the sunnah, you will be successful.

Mj8-25-9-2016- the Ahlullah

Today we know but we don’t obey. So, knowing and obeying both are important components of ‘kunu ma as sadiqeen’. The Ahlullah (the people of Allah) have spiritual light (nur) in their hearts. They see with that nur. Whoever they see, he also gets nur. Why? Because the Ahlullah save themselves from sins. So by going to them brings a lot of benefit in a short time.